Universal Cleaners

Shirt Cleaning Service Indianapolis

It is important to make a positive first impression. Be sure you look the part by visiting Universal Cleaners for laundry services in Indianapolis. Universal Cleaners is always at your service. Our professional cleaning ensures you have crisply pressed shirts every time.

Why Choose Universal Cleaners in Indianapolis?

We clean shirts with precision and never overlook the little details. Every shirt that comes through our cleaners undergoes a careful inspection process. 

We look for defects and stains, and replace broken and missing buttons to keep your shirts looking like new.

Our Process: Experience the Difference

shirt cleaning service

Once we have inspected your shirts, we launder them in our state-of-the-art commercial washing machines. We regulate water temperature and use color-safe chemicals to prevent your shirts from fading.

Our process removes the toughest stains without any damage to the fabrics. Universal Cleaners also focuses on pretreating collars and cuffs to ensure they are spotless. 

Our cleaning methods brighten things up. When you pick up your shirts, they will look as good as they did when you first bought them.

The Pressing Process

Universal Cleaners in Indianapolis does not stop at keeping your shirts clean. We also press them with our revolutionary shirt finishing equipment. 

Skilled operators with years of experience will press out your shirts with your choice of finishes. Choose from light, medium, heavy, or extra heavy starch, or no starch at all.

The Final Inspection

After pressing your shirts, Universal Cleaners inspects them again. We want each shirt to exceed our high standards, so you look professional and poised for important moments. We make certain the pressing quality is absolutely perfect before completing the process.

Universal Cleaners also hand-touches with a steam iron to add a bit of perfection to your shirts. Depending on your preferences, we can hang or box the shirts.

Shirt Cleaners Advantages with Universal Cleaners

We treat every shirt in our care as though it were a fine work of art. Clothing is personal, and a reflection of your taste. Our goal is to return your shirt looking even better than it did brand new.

Universal Cleaners enhances your shirt cleaning experience with expertise and complete convenience.

Free Pickup and Delivery

With your busy schedule, you likely do not have time to drop off your shirts or pick them up. Allow Universal Cleaners to handle that, all without any extra charge.

Stain-Removing Professionals

Have a shirt with a stain? Bring it to us, even with the toughest stains. 

Regardless of how many times you have tried to remove it with stain products from the store, we can make it look as if it never happened. You will be able to wear your shirt with confidence again.

Organized and Efficient Garment Identification

There is nothing worse than going to the cleaners and discovering your shirts have been lost or misplaced. Universal Cleaners has developed an exclusive garment identification system to keep all your items together.

Convenient, Flexible, and Responsive

Allow us to pick up your shirts for cleaning today. We can schedule a subscription service to make it even easier. We always ensure your shirts are cleaned at the promised time and look better than new.

We also guarantee to deliver them at the expected time. At Universal Cleaners, that is our promise to you for shirt cleaning and all our services!