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While some garments can do well with a quick cleaning in the washing machine, certain clothes need to be handled with more care. Jackets and coats are delicate clothing items that require dry cleaning rather than machine washing because they are made of sensitive materials that could easily get damaged in the machine. This may be because of the fabric, sequins, buttons, lace, or other materials or features, and these can get spoiled in washing machines due to water pressure, detergent, and water itself.

So, if you want to get your jackets or coat cleaned for the winter, dry cleaning is your solution. For effective and affordable dry cleaning services in Carmel, IN, contact Universal Cleaner. We have been in business since 1999 and even have extremely satisfied customers who use our premium fur-cleaning services.

Outwear Cleaning Process

Dry or outwear cleaning is a process of cleaning delicate clothing items using liquids other than water. Water can be damaging to certain clothing items like jackets, coats, upholstery, and bedding. You must have heard of dry cleaning numerous times, but do you know how cleaners polish your coats and make them fragrant without damaging the fabric? Now’s the time to learn. 

Dry cleaning companies follow a fixed procedure. Here are the five steps that every cleaner performs to get your clothing clean and fragrant. 

Step 1: Tagging and inspection

The process starts with the cleaner tagging the jacket or coat you have given them for dry cleaning or fur cleaning. This allows them to distinguish the clothing items based on who left them off, so the jackets don’t get mixed up. Then comes the inspection. The cleaners examine the coat for any damage that is already present — missing or broken buttons, tears, etc. This is done, so they don’t get blamed for any existing damage to the coat. 

Step 2: Pre-treatment

In the pre-treatment phase, the cleaner examines the coats or jackets for stains and works their way along the clothing to identify the types and locations of the stains and to ensure that the stains get removed from the fabric easily in the cleaning phase. 

Step 3: Dry cleaning

The real action is done during this step. The coat is out inside a specialized machine and is cleaned and rinsed using a solvent that is uniquely curated to clean delicate clothing items. 

Step 4: Post-spotting

Once the garments are dry cleaned, they are again scrutinized for any persistent stains that need further treatment. If any are detected, the clothing is sent for cleaning again to ensure that you get pristine clothes. 

Step 5: Finishing

The finishing phase consists of ironing, folding, packing, and any other finishing touches the clothes need. 

Dry cleaning is an intricate and delicate procedure. If you own an expensive jacket or coat, especially made of fur, you simply can’t trust the fate of the clothing item with just anyone. It’s important to pick the cleaner for the job carefully. If you’re looking for laundry cleaning services in Carmel, IN, Universal Cleaner can help. 

How Do You Store Coats And Jackets After Cleaning?

After a coat or jacket dry cleaning, one of the things you should consider is how to store it. You want to make sure that they don’t collect dust and dirt again, requiring another dry cleaning session. You also simply can’t fold them and shove them into your dresser since they could get wrinkled or damaged. Here are some methods for storing your coats and jackets after a dry cleaning session. 

Wooden hangers

Once you receive your coats and jackets back from the cleaners, carefully remove the plastic bag that you receive the garment in. Do not store it in a plastic bag. Plastic is only meant to protect the clothes during the commute from the cleaner to your home. Instead, use wooden hangers to hang the coats or jackets without a plastic covering. Hangers ensure that your clothing remains wrinkle-free and does not lose its shape between other clothing items. 

Fabric garment bags

Fabric garment bags are unique bags that are specifically made to protect delicate garments from dust and mildew. They’re especially handy f you are thinking of storing your jacket or coat for a long period. Before you store your jackets or coats in storage bins for a long time, such as over the summer, it’s important to apply a few cedar blocks or storage sprays. This will help keep moths and pests away from your valuable clothes. It will also help keep your clothes from smelling mildewy, even after six to seven months of storage. 

Some Other Storage Tips 

Here are some additional storage tips you can consider while storing your coats after cleaning. 

  • Choose a dark and climate-controlled spot for storage 
  • Label the garment bags 
  • Avoid using cardboard boxes for storing dry-cleaned garments
  • Do not fill the storage container with mothballs

While choosing the appropriate storing method for your dry-cleaned jackets and coats might be a bit challenging, it’s definitely worth the effort. It will save you money to replace the damaged coats or on frequent dry cleaning. Plus, they’ll be ready to use right out of the closet.

Why Choose Universal Cleaners 

Universal Cleaners have been operating in Carmel, Zionsville, and Indianapolis since 1999. Not only do we provide elite dry-cleaning services in these regions, including fur cleaning, but we offer free pick-up and delivery to take care of all your dry-cleaning needs. Our professionals have years of experience in cleaning all kinds of delicate garments, especially fur coats and jackets. Moreover, our processes and equipment are all tried and tested. 

If you want to have your valuable and expensive coat dry-cleaned without a hitch, we are the company to contact. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and always strive for excellence. This explains the vast number of loyal consumers we have built over 20 years. Contact us now to receive premium dry cleaning and outside cleaning services in Carmel, IN.