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After a long day performing in tournaments or training for the day, your equestrian garments and gear are likely soiled by dirt and sweat, requiring immediate care. The proper maintenance of equestrian gear and garments demands special attention to the delicate treatment of these materials so that the quality of these items is not destroyed. Doing this on your own can be painstaking and take a lot of time out of your day. Even worse, you might accidentally destroy materials by treating them like normal laundry items. Instead, you can send your equestrian garments and gear to professional cleaners. We have years of experience handling equestrian clothing and equipment to help you continue performing without worry. Call Universal Cleaners today to learn more about how we can help.

Equestrian Garments & Gear Cleaning

How Do Professional Equestrian Cleaners Do Things Better?

There are a variety of techniques and approaches that professional cleaners do to help you get your equestrian garments back in great condition.

Attention To Manufacturer’s Care Guidelines

Equestrian garments and gear are not all uniform, meaning that they may be made up of different materials, styles, and natural fibers. Various brands of equestrian garments will all be created differently, which means they have to be treated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Professional equestrian cleaners take the extra time to make sure that they are following the guidelines on the garments so that they aren’t damaged. 

Waterproofing Garments

A lot of equestrian equipment is waterproofed to help protect the material against the elements. If your clothing is getting soggy from mud or rain, then it may be time to re-proof your garments. Professional equestrian cleaners can re-proof your clothing so that they repel water and moisture to further preserve its durability. If there are no waterproof garments, our team can also wax your garments to prevent moisture absorption. 

Correct Treatment 

All garments can’t be treated the same way because chemicals, heat, and moisture can easily damage different fibers and styles. Our professional Carmel Laundry Cleaning team may not use detergents, fabric softeners, or bleaching agents so that the breathability of clothes isn’t destroyed. This can also ruin waterproof garments and destroy vibrant colors in some clothing. For example, synthetic and leather riding boots can’t be treated with the same products. While you can use a mild detergent on synthetic riding boots to clean them, you must use leather products for leather riding boots. 

No Direct Sunlight

We protect our customers’ expensive equestrian equipment by keeping them away from direct sunlight and ensuring they are properly packaged. Direct sunlight can destroy clothing by making them break down when left in the sunlight for prolonged periods. This can make equestrian equipment brittle and easy to break. 

No Hot Water

Some equestrian materials or equipment can get warped by hot water, destroying their form and function. We may use cold water or no water to clean some of the garments so that they don’t shrink or get ruined in other ways. 

No Color Bleeding

Professional cleaners make sure that colorful garments don’t bleed into each other. Our team washes colors separately and makes sure that stronger colors are treated differently so that they retain their vibrancy.

Proper Drying

Instead of just throwing garments into a dryer, we make sure that we properly dry them without the risk of destroying certain fabrics. Some items must be dried at a cooler temperature, while other equipment might have to hang dry. We make sure our approach pays attention to the special care of certain equestrian clothing. 

Why We Don’t  Use Starch

We don’t apply starch to your equestrian clothing because, while this may have temporary and immediate benefits, the starch can accelerate the decay of clothing in the long term.

Professional High-Quality Treatment

Your equestrian garments should be treated with absolute care, in addition to above and beyond professional treatment. Our professional team applies eco-friendly and hypoallergenic products, leaving your clothes crisp and fresh smelling. 

What Are The Main Garments That Should Be Cleaned?

There are many items in your wardrobe that may get sullied by regular equestrian sports and leisure activities. The general attire and equipment you may need to regularly maintain can include the following:

Horse Riding Boots

Both leather and synthetic horse riding boots need to be thoroughly cleaned, kept in a cool and dry place, and standing upright with the help of boot shapers. Horse riding boots also need a dust bag or box to keep away pests, mold, and mildew. 

Riding Jackets and Gilets

All riding jackets and gilets come with a manufacturer’s label to help prevent common mistakes made when they are being cleaned. They are typically waterproof, wind-proof, and allow freedom of movement. These garments should only be washed when absolutely necessary, with all detachable accessories removed first. Fabric softeners, biological detergents, and other chemicals should be avoided. These items need to be re-proofed regularly to prevent moisture from destroying the materials. 

Competition and Summer Riding Jackets and Gilets

These materials are typically more elaborate and often made of wool, but also synthetic fabrics as well. Wool has to be treated very carefully and can become warped when it gets wet. Unlike synthetic fabrics, it must be air-dried. Even synthetic fabrics must be specially cared for and washed in a mesh bag on the gentle cycle. 

Riding Hats

Riding hats help prevent you from injuring your head after a dangerous fall off horseback, which is why you should pay particular attention to making sure it’s fully functional. Any damage to the hat’s protective layer may not always be seen with the naked eye, which is why you should replace your riding hat every two to three years and have it maintained by professional cleaners. This is because riding hat protective layers can eventually deteriorate when exposed to heat and other weather. You should always make sure your riding hat is not exposed to sunlight when not in use and placed in a protective bag. Petroleum products, paints, cleaning agents, and even adhesives are horrible for the hat’s materials and must also be avoided.

Equestrian Legwear

Legwear is more durable and sometimes machine washable; however, they should also be cleaned with care. Our team will ensure all velcro fastenings and zippers are closed before being washed. The fabric inside the legwear will also be turned outwards prior to being cleaned. This helps prevent the legwear materials from being destroyed. 

Equestrian Body Protectors 

Most equestrian body protectors last around three to five years. However, the lifespan can be expanded if you maintain them correctly. Body protectors are built with foam so that when you are hit with a heavy impact, they absorb the shock, keeping you safe. Our professional cleaners can extend their lifetime by cleaning them gently. We sponge them with care using the proper detergents and keep them stored in a dry place. These items must be placed away from any sunlight, dampness, or heat, making the foam deteriorate over time. Cleaning professionals pay attention to special details, such as keeping zippers closed to help maintain the body protectors’ shape when being stored. 

Horse Rugs

Horse rugs are built for endurance but, over time, may fall prey to wear and tear. These rugs should be gently brushed off and spot cleaned. Professional cleaners know how to apply a vacuum and curry comb to remove hair from the rug and its lining properly. If it requires washing, our team will apply the manufacturer’s guidelines. We also check the buckles, surcingles, fillet strings, leg straps, and D-rings to ensure they are not worn out. Otherwise, they will be replaced or repaired. These rugs should always be stored in an air-tight location between seasons.

Hire Our High-Quality Equestrian Garment and Gear Cleaning Team

To learn more about how our professional team can return your equestrian equipment in new condition or need help removing stubborn stains, get in contact with our team. With poor maintenance and little attention to proper care instructions, don’t let your equestrian gear fall into disrepair. For any questions, call Universal Cleaners to find out more information.