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Shirt Laundry in Carmel, IN

Shirt Laundry

At Universal Cleaners, we want all our customers to look their best. That is why we make sure that they have clean, crisply pressed shirts every time. When you send your shirts to be laundered at our facility, each shirt goes through a careful inspection process to detect any defects and stains. Broken and missing buttons are replaced.

Shirts are then laundered in state-of-the-art commercial washing machines that regulate water temperature and use color-safe chemicals. Our shirt laundering process is designed to remove the toughest stains without harming the fabric. Areas such as collars and cuffs are pretreated to ensure those difficult areas always come out spotlessly clean. The cleaning process also brightens fabrics, giving shirts a “like-new” appearance.

Shirts are pressed on state-of-the-art shirt finishing equipment by skilled operators with at least seven years of experience. You always have the option of having your shirts finished with no, light, medium, heavy, or extra heavy starch. Each shirt undergoes a complete quality inspection to ensure the result meets or exceeds our highest standards. We check the shirt to ensure that there are no unsightly spots or other stains, that all buttons are in place, and that the pressing quality will meet your expectations.

Once they are clean, most shirts are hand-touched with a steam iron, resulting in perfectly pressed garments every time. We do this because we know that it is the small things that make the biggest difference. To end the process, and depending on your preference, each shirt is either hung and covered with a garment bag or folded and placed in a box.       

We are proud of our top-of-line shirt finishing equipment because it always achieves the perfect look you have come to expect from Universal Cleaners in Carmel, Indiana.

Advantages of Having Your Shirts Laundered at Universal Cleaners in Carmel, Indiana

At Universal Cleaners, every time you drop off your clothing to be laundered, we have established a careful process to protect and adequately clean your items. We know each piece is essential to you, and we always treat them as such. Also, we offer these advantages:

Free Pickup and Delivery

There is never a need for you to worry about getting your shirts to us. We offer free pickup and delivery and will set up a pickup schedule to meet your needs. You can save time and money by leaving the driving to us.

Professional Stain Treatment

Even items that can be washed at home will get better results when you send them to be laundered at Universal Cleaners in Carmel, Indiana. That is because we have perfected stain treatment procedures. We know how to treat the toughest stains, even those that will not come out with stain products that you can buy at your local store. We can achieve great results even with stains that appear to be hopeless.

Garment Identification

You never have to worry that your shirts will be lost or misplaced because we have developed a careful garment identification system that means we always know where your shirts are. Once identified, the shirts will move through the process as a group, keeping all your items together.

We Are Easy to Reach

Whether you call us, stop by, or set up a pickup service online at Universal Cleaners, we are always easy to reach and close to you. And if you want to set up a subscription service, you will find that you never have to worry about your shirt laundering needs again. We will know when you want your shirts picked up and stop by your home to get them at your convenience every time.

The End Result

We always make sure that your items are cleaned when promised and delivered to you when you expect them. Your shirts are always protected to make sure they are clean and ready to wear again.