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Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning in Carmel, IN

For a cleaner and healthier home, you will want your carpet and rugs to remain clean on a regular basis. You and any family or friends may have accidentally stained your carpet or area rug, which can instantly make a room look dirtier. It can be even more difficult to keep rugs and carpets stain-free if you have pets. Over time, uncleaned carpets or rugs can hold onto dirt, dust, microscopic mites, and other debris. This can create allergens and make it more difficult to breathe indoors. To get pristine and hygienic-looking carpet or rugs, you need to speak with expert cleaners who understand how to treat every type of rug or carpet. Carpets can be suctioned from the top with the help of a machine, but carpets are tightly woven and can be damaged by simple vacuum machines. To make sure the gorgeously interwoven rug is taken care of, especially if it is wool, silk, or another natural fabric, you can speak to a carpet and rug cleaning expert. Call Universal Cleaners today to learn how we can safely clean and dry your area rugs and carpet. 

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

How Do We Carefully Clean Your Beautiful Area Rugs And Carpet?

Carpet and rug cleaning is not a one-approach process. Our professionals follow exacting steps to ensure we get the job done without damaging your carpet or rug’s quality or beauty.

Inspection Process

Before our professional team begins to work on your rug or carpet, we first inspect the materials. We may ask you questions about what the materials are made of, how long you have had the area rug or carpet, and what kind of stains they have. The rugs and carpets will be analyzed for the fiber or fabric it is made of. This way, we know what to do to take care of the rug or carpet materials without damaging or destroying their integrity. Our five-star approach will allow us to create the best results. 

Flexible Scheduling

We come to your home when it is the best time for you, so pick a time during the day that you are home, and our team will take care of the rest. You may have to put pets or small children in a separate room while the cleaning is happening. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the show. 

Furniture Relocation

For thorough cleaning, we make sure to remove the furniture first so we can get to the entire rug or carpet. Our rug and carpet cleaning professionals will safely and securely move furniture without damaging them. Once the furniture has been moved to a convenient and out-of-the-way location, the cleaning team begins their work. 

Spot Treating Tough Areas

The professionals may use special techniques and chemicals to spot-treat stains that were impossible to remove. Our team makes sure to penetrate the stain and remove it so that when you see your rug or carpet, it’s as if it were never there. Hot-water extraction may be applied at a high pressure to get the water deep into the fiber to break down dirt, dried liquids, debris, and bacteria that’s been stored inside the rug or carpet for days, weeks, and even years. In addition to steam cleaning, we may use the dry cleaning approach with the help of an absorbent compound. This helps protect delicate materials that can become misshapen or damaged by excessive water. Encapsulation also works great for area rugs and carpets and is a low-moisture cleaning method where a dry cleaning agent is applied to wick away stains. Carpet shampooing is another way we mass clean entire rooms to uplift dirt and dark spots from the carpet fiber. 

Quality Machine Cleaning

To help get rid of bad odors, stains, and allergens, we use cutting-edge carpet cleaning machines that help us get deep into the carpet fiber. Our team of professionals might not use machines unless they have a plastic backing. This is because the hot steam can warp rugs and change the shape of the area rug. Shampoos may be incorporated into the cleaning if the rug is not made of delicate material. For example, silk is made up of mostly protein, and enzymatic cleaners can destroy and digest these protein-based fibers. 

Suction Away Dirt

Whether it is with machinery, shampoo, absorbent compounds, or other advanced approaches, we make sure to pull out all the nasty dirt, dust, food, hair, allergens, dried liquids, and dust mites. Strange odors can also be removed from carpets and area rugs to keep everything fresh and clean when you use the rug or carpet again. 

Careful Inspection

After all the hard work is done, our professional carpet and area rug cleaning team will inspect the carpet and rugs again to make sure it has been fully cleansed. You can also review the carpet and rugs and provide your input. This way, we ensure you are satisfied with the results and have spotless and orderly rugs and carpets again.

What About Pricing?

We are fair with our pricing without reducing the quality of our services. The basis of our pricing mostly resides on the following factors: 


The material of the carpet or rug is incredibly important. Some fabrics are more difficult to clean than others and require special products to extract dirt and other debris properly. For example, silk, wool, cotton, and animal skins need special care, along with handwoven rugs or have elaborate designs. If we need to use specific products tailored to taking care of delicate rugs or carpets, this will be considered in the total cost. There is more generalized pricing for normal rugs or carpets made of nylon, olefin, or acrylic. 


The square footage of your carpet will be crucial to the pricing as well; for example, a small bedroom would cost less than a large living room. The size of your rugs will also matter, as smaller rugs will have a lower range, while rugs that take up the whole room will be more costly. 

Don’t Worry About Dirt

How much dirt your rug or carpet has won’t matter as much as the style and size of the carpet. Stains, hair, and other debris are part of the job. Let our professional area rug and cleaning team handle all the hard work. 

Area Cleaning Equipment

If you’re curious about the types of tools and machinery we use, just know that we use the latest technology in cleaning equipment to help maintain the allure of your carpet and rugs.

Wet Extractors

To restore the appearance and surface of carpets and area rugs, our team may employ a wet extractor to make this happen. Wet extractors allow a deep clean of materials by pushing in liquids all the way through the rug or carpet then suctioning out debris. The water or solvent is atomized into a fine mist so that the tiny droplets can fully penetrate the surface all the way to the core of the fabric. Our team can also add on soil-retardant finishes on carpets to repel dirt and other stains from marring their appearance again. 

Hot-Water Extraction Machines

Another approach is the use of hot-steam water to deep clean carpets. The hot water is typically mixed with a detergent and sprayed directly into the carpet with the help of high-pressure spray nozzles. The dirt is then forced to the surface through filthy water and sucked out into the machine’s container. The hot steamy water is typically around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. This is great for wool rugs or carpets that may shrink at temperatures higher than this. 

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners 

Before cleaning a rug or carpet, a dry vacuum may be used first to pull out any large debris lodged into the fibers. You may be familiar with dry vacuums since most households have one. On the other hand, wet vacuums can pick up liquids through suction. If your carpet or rug is wet, our team can pull out the damp moisture before cleaning. 

Solvent Extraction Machines

These machines are specially designed to pull out tough stains, such as oil, grease, dyes, and other impossible-to-remove stains. Combined with a solvent or dry ingredient that was previously applied, the solvent will be used over the surface of the carpet or rug to completely suction out all of the solvents after it has absorbed the stain. These solvent extraction machines won’t damage your carpet or rug and are gentle on the surface but tough on stains.

Why Should I Use Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning Professionals Instead of DIY?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) approaches may seem cost-effective, but the result can be disastrous. You still have to buy products with a DIY approach through trial and failure, which can also ruin your rug or carpet. Additionally, all that time spent trying to clean your carpet and rug on your own can take hours out of your day. 

Rely on quality professionals that have high standards for great results. We want your rugs and carpets to look fabulous and wouldn’t disappoint you using our experience and all the right tools. Let us perform an inspection and consultation to help you learn more about the process. Call Universal Cleaners today to learn more about how our laundry cleaning team can fix your area rugs and carpets.