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Wedding Dress Cleaning

After a special wedding day, you will want to clean and preserve your beautiful wedding dress once the celebration has come to a close. After a long day, your wedding dress may have drinks, cake frosting, dirt, food, and even sweat that can show up as stains over time before you notice them. To preserve your beautiful gown, you can depend on wedding dress cleaning Carmel IN experts to help you remove all of the debris that can create permanent stains. Professional gown specialists use gentle cleaners and other methods to ensure even the most delicate wedding gowns still retain their beauty and don’t lose their structural integrity. Learn more about how wedding dress cleaning is performed by speaking with professional gown specialists. Contact our Carmel dry cleaning team now for a free consultation.

What Are Some Signs That My Wedding Dress Needs Cleaning?

In general, after you wear your wedding dress for a few hours, you should clean it even if you don’t notice any stains. Stains and odors typically don’t develop until weeks or months later, when the debris and liquids start to age. For example, white wine may not be noticeable at first, but months later can result in terrible blotches on your lovely gown. Here are other signs that your wedding dress may need professional cleaning. 

Brown Oxidation Spots

These stains typically appear very light or clear at first but over time turn brown after the debris in your gown’s fabric ages. For example, liquids such as soda, alcohol, and other sugary drinks appear clear even when dried but begin to show up as brown stains days or weeks later. These discolorations are difficult to get rid of and can ruin the delicate fabric of silks and other materials. 

Mildew And Mold

Mildew and mold can show up long after you’ve attempted to preserve your wedding gown and can leave stains that seem impossible to remove. They often appear grey, black, or green and are caused by damp environments. When left unchecked, mildew or mold can spread across the material and degrade the quality of the fabric. The dress requires professional hand cleaning and repair to remove. 

Yellowing Fabric

Some fabrics can naturally yellow from oxidization caused by chemical degradation. White, off-white, and pastel wedding dresses can start to decay, causing them to look yellow. This can be reversed with the help of our gown specialists, who can remove the stain. In addition to this, we will preserve the wedding gown by placing it in a special container to prevent further decay. 

Fabric Creasing

Wedding dresses may develop creases over time that simply can’t be ironed out without destroying the gown’s material. It can be annoying when beautiful folds and even tulle are ruined by misshapen creases. Our professionals can remove these wrinkles by gently pressing them with our machinery without damaging delicate fabrics, laces, sequins, pearls, diamonds, and other designs.

After a wedding, you should take action before stains set in. Invisible debris such as sugary drinks, wines, food, dirt, and other soiling materials slowly destroy your wedding dress over time. You may not notice it was stained until six months later, well after the dark spots have developed. 

Ways To Clean Wedding Gowns

There are two main approaches to wedding gown cleaning, which include both wet and dry approaches to help keep the fabric well-maintained. 


Wet-cleaning uses water and solvents to get rid of dirty hems, sugar spills, and most food stains. The dress is rinsed and treated with chemicals, then washed clean. The wet-cleaning can also remove the fabric sizing, which is a starch-like material that is added to the gown during manufacturing. This is a good thing because it helps protect your gown from oxidation and doesn’t attract insects and other vermin. 


For materials that are too delicate to treat with water, our team will use dry-cleaning with dry solvents such as perchloroethylene, Stoddard, silicone-based, and hydrocarbon solvents. The use of a solvent helps to pull out soiled materials without the use of water. This prevents the fabric from becoming misshapen after being swollen with water, and it will help preserve its integrity. 

How Is Wedding Dress Cleaning Different From A Regular Dry-Cleaner Approach?

Dry-cleaners have a one-in-the-same approach where bridal gowns are treated just like any other garment. This can ruin delicate material using cleaning detergents that can directly harm wedding dress materials. Professional wedding dress cleaners will use gentle brushes to help get rid of difficult-to-remove stains. They also understand how to treat delicate polyester organza, or tulle, which is often incorporated in wedding dresses. 

Best of all, professional gown specialists use preservation boxes, not dry cleaning bags. Dry cleaning bags don’t properly preserve wedding dress fabric and can allow oxidization, mold, and mildew to form. Dry-cleaners will also place wedding dresses on hangers, which can stretch the gown’s fabric and leave the shoulders misshapen months later. 

How Do I Speak To A Wedding Dress Cleaning Carmel IN Specialist?

Wedding dresses are graceful, charming, and delicate. They are also expensive and can’t simply be replaced by purchasing a new one after having an evening of memories in your special gown. To create an heirloom out of your wedding gown, you should do your best to keep it clean and well-preserved by using expert wedding dress cleaning services. They have the best approaches for protecting your wedding dress. 

You may have many questions about your wedding dress and want to know whether your gown stains are treatable. To learn more about the process, speak with a wedding dress cleaning specialist. Call Universal Cleaners today to help us find out more about your wedding dress, what it is made of, and how we can help.