Universal Cleaners

Indianapolis Dry Cleaning

If you need laundry services in Indianapolis, Universal Cleaners is at your service. Since 1999, we have served the local Indianapolis area. Our extensive experience, along with state-of-the-art technology, allow us to provide you with top-tier services. Get your clothing, bedding, wedding gowns, carpets, and more clean and refreshed like new.

With both residential and commercial laundry services available, here is how we can help clean things up for you.

How Experience and Technology Make the Difference

woman looking at the freshly cleaned clothes

For unparalleled excellence in laundering your garments, visit Universal Cleaners for your dry cleaning needs. We go beyond cleaning to enhance your garments and keep them looking like new.

Being in the business for over 20 years, we have kept up with the latest technology in dry cleaning. We continue to update and constantly exceed your expectations with our services.

Expert Dry Cleaning

Extend the life of your clothing with our dry cleaning services. You will love how your clothes are cleaned and restored to immaculate quality.

Make Spots Disappear

With our filtration system and through distilling our dry cleaning solvent after each load, we can bring out the brilliance in your clothes. We also make stains disappear to restore your favorite clothing.

Crisply Pressed Shirts

What you wear speaks volumes about you. You will always leave a fantastic impression with our expert pressing services. We provide careful inspection and seek out defects and stains. Additionally, we replace broken and missing buttons.

Wash and Fold Services

When time is tight and you need clean clothes, allow Universal Cleaners to help with our wash and fold services. Clothes are delivered when you need them, so you can eliminate this chore from your list.

Clean Bedding

You can rest easier when you leave your bedding laundry to Universal Cleaners. From comforters and blankets, to pillows and duvets, our professional touch makes the difference.

Drop Off Anytime

If you are unable to make it to us during our open hours, you can still drop your dry cleaning off at your convenience. Our 24-hour secure drop box ensures you will be taken care of.

Free Pickup and Delivery

If you would prefer to not drop your dry cleaning off, we can pick it up and drop it off for you. Twice a week, you can have professionally laundered clothes!

Green Cleaners

We stay up to date on the latest laundry technology but are committed to greener practices. We use DF-2000™ Fluid, a trusted and proven alternative solvent that truly delivers on performance.

Other Services Provided by Universal Cleaners

In addition to dry cleaning and laundry services, we can clean an array of hard-to-clean items in your home. We can clean your delicate bridal gown, equestrian garments, uniforms, suede, leather, jackets, coats, rugs, and more. We provide expert alterations to help you get the perfect fit.

Universal Cleaners is Your Indianapolis Dry Cleaner

Keep your work shirts looking impeccable, clean the delicate formal gown you plan to wear to an upcoming wedding, and get seemingly impossible stains out of your garments.

For all these services and more, Universal Cleaners delivers exceptional service. You can count on us to deliver your clothing in pristine condition, and provide you with peace of mind.

You have enough to deal with every day. Allow us to do what we do best…cleaning garments! We look forward to being at your service!