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After a startling accident that leaves one of your favorite outfits or fabrics ruined, you may be stuck with a stubborn stain that refuses to leave. Instead of taking methods into your own hands and making a disaster of your beautiful material, it is better to seek professional spot and stain cleaners to prevent destroying the fabric by mistake. Professional spot and stain removal cleaners know how to get rid of difficult to remove stains without destroying the fabric itself. This can be a tedious task on your own, but with years of experience, you can expect the best results with a dedicated cleaning team. Learn how you can get the expert Laundry Cleaning service you need from Universal Cleaners; contact us today. 

Professional Procedures For Spot And Stain Removal 

Professional dry cleaners are skilled at getting rid of stains that seem impossible to remove. They go through a rigorous process of identifying what’s in the stain before taking appropriate action. 

Analyze The Stain

Every stain is different and can’t all be treated the same. Professional cleaners first observe the appearance of the stain to discern whether it is shiny or dull to determine its material. Shiny stains typically mean that the stain is a synthetic material and requires a reducing agent. On the other hand, a dull stain means it is on organic material and requires an oxidizing agent.  

Scrutinize The Fabric

To help identify what type of fabric our team is working with, we will scrutinize the fibers and may even use a magnifying glass or microscope to see it better. The type of fabric your clothing is made of is important, because there may be detergents that are too harsh for the material. 

Testing Stain For pH

This is another approach to finding out the pH level of the stain so that the wrong products aren’t used on the garments. For example, for rust stains or spots made of material deposits, it is good to use acidic cleaning products. The same goes for acidic stains because alkaline cleaning products can be used to break down and remove the stain more effectively. 

Identify The Color And Odor

The scent of the stain and its color can also hint at its type and how a professional cleaning team should treat it. For example, coffee stains will have a strong scent and a brown tone and can be treated with mild detergents. 

Check Whether Items Are Solvent-Soluble Or Petroleum Based

Solvent-soluble stains react to cleaning products differently from that of petroleum-based stains. For example, sesame oil is soluble, but petroleum-based, such as diesel oil stains, is not. With this in mind, it may be the best approach for a team to use a chemical agent that doesn’t require water to remove a petroleum-based stain. 

Protein Stains 

Unlike stains made of chemical agents, protein stains are entirely organic and can often be dissolved with the help of a digestive enzyme. Protein stains are typically caused by bodily fluids such as blood, vomit, or feces. They can also be pet remains, sweat stains, and other spots made from organic protein materials. Products that digest proteins can be used on them.

How Professionals Physically Remove Stains

Knowing how to treat a stain is one aspect of high-quality stain removal. The next step is figuring out a tool that can be used to gently release the fabrics from being soiled. 


If your clothing or fabric has a lot of debris lodged into the material, our professional spot and stain removal team may vacuum out the dirt first. For example, if your clothes are sandy, they must be gently vacuumed first. 

Spot Treatment

We use special techniques to perform spot treatment on areas with dark stains. This may be done with spray bottles, brushes, sponges, and other tools. 

Wet Or Dry Approach

Some fabrics will be treated with water and a detergent to help remove the spots. Not all stains can simply be placed in water and scrubbed clean. Some stains are not water-soluble, or water can destroy the material and cause it to lose its form. We may use a wet or dry approach to help remove stains from your clothing. 

Tamping Brush Or Towel Method

Stains may require a more invasive approach, requiring our cleaning team to gently rub the material with a tamping brush. We also may use the towel method to dab cleaning agents on spots to not damage fibers. 

Prevent Stains From Spreading

Spot and stain removal experts know how to treat a stain without causing it to spread. We apply the outside-in approach, where we start from the edges and slowly lift the stain without giving it the chance to leak into other parts of the fabric.

Steam Instead Of Wash

Many of your clothes may be too delicate to simply place in a washer machine. For more expensive and delicate clothes, our professional cleaning team will use a steamer instead to get the grime out fast without submerging the clothing in water. 

Dry Solvents

Professional cleaners will use dry solvents for clothing that can’t be washed due to the material being too delicate. These solvents can absorb out the stains without harming the fabric and don’t require water. 

Different Types of Difficult To Remove Spots And Stains 

You may have several different types of stains that you struggled to remove or are unfamiliar with the type of stain that you have. Here are some of the most common ones you might find on your clothing. 

Grass Stains

These stains often occur when you kneel against grass when working in the yard, but can also happen when you are carrying plants with broken leaves that are dripping sap. 

Food Stains

Most food can be washed out of clothing, but many of the things we eat also stain our clothes. For example, beet juice is hard to remove from fabrics. 

Blood Stains

One of the most difficult fluids to remove from clothing are bloodstains, which can be caused by accidents or injuries. 

Pet Accident Stains

When you have one or more pets, seeing stains is common, especially when they are not entirely house-trained yet. Vomit and feces stains can be frequent, and mud stains for pets that go outdoors. 

Dirt And Mud Stains

Children and adults that work or play outdoors can get severe mud and dirt stains on their clothing, soiling beautiful fabric. Some dirt stains can be removed with ease, but on wool, silk, or other delicate fabrics, it is better to leave it to a professional. 

Wine Stains

After a party or dinner, wine stains can leave beautiful evening gowns and business jackets with easy-to-see blotches. Wine stains are hard to move without damaging expensive garments. 

Coffee Stains

Coffee is one of the hardest stains to remove and can leave permanent yellow and dark brown spots on clothing. 

Spice Stains 

When cooking in the kitchen or eating delicacies, it isn’t uncommon for spices to leave stains on some of your favorite clothing. Turmeric, for example, can leave strong yellow stains that can’t be removed even with the toughest detergents. 

Chemical Stains

When at work or doing projects that require the use of chemicals, these can leave horrible stains that can’t be removed. Chemical stains should be inspected first before being treated, as they can react to any product you use and cause the fabric to deteriorate. 

Oil Stains

These stains are complicated because they are typically not water-soluble. This means that even with water and soap, you may be unable to remove this stain without the help of a cleaning professional. 

Gum And Wax Stains 

Some stains are hardened and stick to the clothing, making them impossible to remove. Wax and gum stains must be frozen or treated with ingredients that help release them from the fabric. 

Adhesive Stains

When you get glue stuck to clothing, you may feel as if there is no way it can be repaired. Adhesive stains can be removed using special techniques that don’t destroy the fabric. 

Ink Stains 

These stains are the most surprising and unexpected and can happen when dyed clothing bleed into each other, when you accidentally ruin clothes with a sharpie pen, or simply spilled ink on yourself during a project. 

Learn More About Spot And Stain Removal Service

Don’t throw out your treasured garments because you think a stain has made it a lost cause. Even if you have silk or wool garments, you can depend on an experienced spot and stain removal cleaning team who can reverse the damage without destroying your fabrics. To get started, call Universal Cleaners for more information.