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Suede and Leather Cleaning In Carmel, IN

Dry Cleaning

A lot of leather and suede jackets come with a warning against machine washing or advice on strictly dry-cleaning protocols. The reason is that the fabric in these jackets is highly sensitive. Even water droplets can damage the material, so it’s easy to imagine the kind of damage high-pressure water washing inside the machine would do. This is why if you own suede or leather jackets, it’s important to get them dry-cleaned regularly to keep them fresh and fragrant all year round. 

If you’re looking to have your suede or leather clothing items dry-cleaned in Carmel, IN, contact Universal Cleaning now. We provide some of the best dry-cleaning services in the city, with an extensive and satisfied clientele. Call us for free pick-up.

Suede and Leather Cleaning Process

If you are getting your suede and leather jacket dry cleaned by professionals, they follow the standard 6-step process, which includes tagging, inspection, pre-spotting and treatment, dry cleaning, post-spotting, and finishing. However, you can also do some of your own cleaning using home-based cleaning agents. Usually, this can be done when you need a pristine leather jacket on quick notice and don’t have the time to send it to the cleaners. It may not be as effective as professional dry cleaning (which is highly recommended), but you can make do with it for a short period. 

Suede and Leather Cleaning Techniques

For home cleaning, you would need to buy a two-sided suede brush. One of the sides of the brush consists of wire, which is used to remove mud or dirt from the jacket. The other soft side is used to polish the jacket. Pay attention to how much pressure you apply while cleaning the suede jacket with the wire side, as too much pressure could end up damaging the material. 

In case you need to clean spilled liquid from the jacket quickly, you can use a paper towel for the job. Apply the paper towel to the liquid, and allow it to soak up liquid. Again, do not apply too much pressure on the towel. Once the liquid is soaked in, it’s likely that the fluid left some stain behind. You can remedy the stain by rubbing a pencil eraser on the stained area. You can also use a special suede eraser if you have one of those handy. Suede erasers are available online for purchase, and it may be an item you want to keep in your laundry area. A water and vinegar solution can also get rid of stains. 

If there’s a water stain on the jacket, you can try spraying water mist on the jacket and then soak the extra moisture using paper towels. Meanwhile, oil stains can be removed with the application of talcum powder or baking powder. Put some powder on the stain and leave it on overnight. 

While these cleaning techniques can be used to get rid of the problem temporarily, your next step is getting the jacket dry-cleaned, so the stains and the marks are treated for good. If you want to have your valuable suede or leather jacket dry-cleaned in Carmel, IN, contact Universal Cleaners now. We are the best laundry cleaners in Carmel, with experienced professionals and state-of-the-art equipment at our facility. Call us today for a free pick-up service. 

The Best Way To Store Suede And Leather

Suede and leather are both delicate fabrics and need special space for storage. These garments should be stored in a cool environment. Humid spaces are the worst place to store leather and suede clothing items. If the moisture manages to seep in, you can kiss the healthy skin of your suede and leather jacket goodbye. Moisture is highly damaging to such stuff. Make sure that the closet or storage space you choose to store the jackets in is cool and free from moisture. Grab some broad and sturdy hangers and make adequate space for the jackets. Folding them is never a good idea, as this can wrinkle or de-shape the jackets. 

Here are some additional tips you can follow to protect your leather jackets after having them dry-cleaned or storing them away for the next winter. 

  • Keep them out of the direct path of sunlight. 
  • Store them in a climate-controlled area.
  • Apply leather conditioner product to the leather jackets every once in a while.
  • Keep them away from your other clothing items.

If you want to have your suede or leather jacket dry cleaned in Carmel, IN, before you store it away for the summer, contact Universal Cleaners now. 

Why Choose Universal Cleaners 

Universal Cleaners have been 100% committed to our customers in Carmel since 1999. We provide quality service and deliver on time, which is why countless Carmel residents trust us with their expensive leather and suede jackets. We use tried and tested equipment and employ cutting-edge technology to finish the dry-cleaning jobs. You can also count on us to clean your bridal gowns, rugs, and carpets and wash and fold the laundry. We also do commercial jobs for our corporate clients. If you want to have your valuable clothing items cleaned without any damage, we are the cleaners to contact. 

You can call us for free pick and up and delivery. Once we have gauged the kind of work needed, we will inform you of the estimated delivery time. Contact us now to get started on the dry-cleaning of your suede and leather garments.