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Wash and Fold Laundry Services Carmel, IN

Spot Removal

Don’t have the time to wash and fold your laundry at home with your busy work schedule? Not a problem, because with our wash and fold laundry services, we handle all the cleaning and organizing for you. You will have fresh, clean clothes from a consistent laundry service that delivers in a timely manner. 

Schedule a laundry and fold service with us for pickup at our location(s), and we’ll have it ready within the same week if it’s dropped off from Monday to Thursday. Free delivery to Indianapolis & nearby residential or workplace locations is offered all year-round.

The demand for convenient and fast laundry services is growing amid many people’s fast-paced lifestyles. This is why we pride ourselves on being one of the best services in our industry right here in Carmel, Indiana. Whether it is professional business attire, casual clothes, towels, or other garments, we will take care of all of it for you so you can focus more on your business and leisure activities.

Our Laundry Services in Carmel, IN

We assure our customers that our five-star service is worthwhile because we value cleanliness, timely service, and client satisfaction. Maybe you’re busy with work and have places to go and things to do, so your cleaning routine is a jumbled mess.

Our business involves ten in-demand laundry services such as dry cleaning, spot & stain removal, shirt laundry, equestrian garments & gear, wedding dress, 24-hr dropbox service, suits & dress shirts, towels, sweaters, pants, and socks.  

Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry; We’ll Take Care of It!

Is there any laundry that needs washing? With a laundry and fold service, you can get your cleaning done right away! Don’t settle for old-fashioned air drying; our machine dryers and ironing service gives your clothes that fresh from the store look. Best of all, your clothes will be free of stains so you can look your very best when attending events. 

Some of the most common hassles people want to avoid when doing their laundry are having to fold, organize, iron, and put away all their clothes. Especially when there are a lot of clothes, they can pile up very quickly, and it can take a while to get it all done right. But when you hire us, we take care of every single detail to ensure your clothes are fresh, clean, and ready to go.

We Care About Our Customers

Our customers always receive quality and timely service. The moment you hand us your clothing and garments, we take great care to wash and fold them. We started Universal Cleaners to give the residents of Carmel, Indiana, the best cleaning services in the area so they can focus less on laundry and spend more time doing the things they love. 

Our cleaning staff is trained in sanitizing various clothes and garment types such as t-shirts, professional attire, and delicate dresses. We also have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee where we promise fresh, clean clothes prepared on time so you can be ready to attend your next special event.  

As your go-to-dry-cleaning service in Carmel, we are committed to making a difference with our superior customer care and attention to detail. Get your clothes professionally cleaned today and see the Universal Cleaners difference! Unlike other places that provide similar services, they do not display the same dedication and passion for cleanliness that we do. Our touch will leave your clothes as good as new with an airy, clean feel.

The Better Way to Keep Up With Your Laundry

Keep up with your laundry needs by hiring us as your go-to laundry service. No more hassle spending time all by yourself folding endless piles of clothes. Instead of dumping all your clothes on your bed, send your laundry to us, and we’ll take the work off your hands. Just imagine the extra free time you can have with us taking care of all your clothes. Our services allow you to get more things done with less time spent folding laundry.

Wash & Fold Pricing

Unlike prices in some stores, we make laundry easy in Indiana. It doesn’t matter how much your laundry weighs, Universal Cleaners guarantees you get the exact price upfront. When it comes to washing and folding laundry, we charge an average of $35 per bag (28lbs maximum) per shirt. We have reusable bags that will easily accommodate loads of clothes. Our staff cleans every washable everyday item.

How it Works

Just drop off your laundry with us or schedule a pickup using the form on our website. If there are any specific instructions, let us know, and we’ll be sure to follow them to the letter. Once we’re done, either come and pick up your clean and fresh laundry, or we’ll deliver it to you. You can even set up a subscription service to make things that much easier.

Free Pickup & Delivery

You don’t have to visit our facility if it doesn’t suit your schedule. Just set up a pickup, and we’ll come to you to take your laundry. Once we’re done, we’ll have your fresh, clean clothes delivered back to you. It’s simple and convenient, and you don’t have to pay a fee for the pickup or delivery services.

Prompt Delivery Service

Universal Cleaners’ delivery drivers go to customers’ homes or offices in Carmel twice a week to collect and deliver clothes. We’ll take your garments and leave them at your house or office next time we visit your neighborhood.

Fast Turnaround Time

Once you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of our service, simply drop off your clothes and other garments at one of our locations or call us directly if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help clean and organize your clothes in a timely manner so you can focus on other things you need to do. 

If our customers tell us when they need clean clothes for a special event, we always deliver on time and on schedule. This also depends on the amount of clothes we receive from other customers, but it all gets completed within our specified timeframe.

We Want Your Business

How was your customer experience at other local dry cleaners? Did you experience subpar service? Perhaps your clothes were not ready, or the fabric was damaged. With us you won’t get any of these headaches because we always deliver amazing service. After your first visit, you’ll want us to do your laundry every week.