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Commercial Dry Cleaning in Carmel, IN

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Silk, wool, suede, leather, linen rayon, and denim are five fabrics that need to be dry-cleaned. These fabrics are highly prone to laundry damage due to their delicate nature. So if you are about to have your coats, jackets, fur clothing items, carpets, bedding, or upholstery cleaned, it’s best to contact a dry cleaner for the job.

If you want to have your clothes professionally cleaned in Carmel, IN, contact Universal Cleaners to hire the best commercial dry cleaners in the town. In addition, we provide free pick-up and drop-off services in the region.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning delicate clothing items and fabrics with a liquid other than water. This is where the “dry” word in the phrase comes into play. The solvents like Perchloroethylene (PERC) that are used for cleaning the delicate clothing are uniquely made to get rid of the dust, dirt, grime, and other elements from the clothing without damaging the fabric. In other words, they are designed to protect the quality of your valuable coats and jackets. These solvents are non-water based. 

It is not as straightforward as throwing the garments in some machine and letting it do its magic. The process requires several steps, and experience does matter. If you’re looking for elite dry cleaning services in Carmel, IN, schedule a free consultation with Universal Cleaners now. 

The Dry Cleaning Process

The dry cleaners have a fixed protocol involving six steps to get your delicate clothes clean and smelling great. While a lot of dry cleaner companies like to tweak the standard operating procedure, these six steps are always involved in the dry cleaning process. 

  1. Tagging: This step involves tagging each clothing item to differentiate between clients 
  2. Inspection: In this step, the clothes are carefully examined for existing stains or damage, so the cleaners are not blamed for any old tears or broken/missing buttons. Any items in the pockets are also removed and later returned to the client. 
  3. Press-spotting of stains and treatment: Some stubborn stains need more care before the clothing can be placed into the machine. The dry cleaner administers appropriate pre-treatment to remove the stains.
  4. The dry cleaning: Here is when the clothes are gently placed in the dry-cleaning machine. The operator must determine the proper settings based upon the color, fabric, and any special cleaning instructions.
  5. Post-spotting: the clothes are examined one final time to ensure that every spot and stain has been removed and the clothes look pristine and fresh. If not, the stain is re-treated and cycled back through the machine.
  6. Finishing and packaging: This step includes hanging the garments and enclosing them in plastic bags, ready for delivery. 

If you need your clothes dry-cleaned by premium cleaners in Carmel, IN, Universal Cleaners are the people to contact. We follow the standard six-step procedure to get the coats, jackets, and other delicate clothing items dry cleaned. 

Once we are done with the treatment, you won’t find a speck of dust on your garments, and they will remain fresh and pressed for a long time, even throughout the winter. Contact us now to order pick-up, and we will dispatch a professional driver to your residence or place of work. 

The Difference Between Dry Cleaning And Laundry

If you’re sending out your clothes for cleaning, you have the option of either getting them dry cleaned or wet cleaned (laundry). The main difference between the two is that one method uses water as a cleaning agent, while the other doesn’t. However, there are some other notable nuances as well. 

Understanding all the differences between laundry and dry cleaning will help you know when to have your clothes dry cleaned and when to send them to laundry. If you require dry cleaning services in Carmel, IN, contact Universal Cleaners now. 

Dry cleaners use special solvents for cleaning

As the name suggests, dry cleaning does not use water. Instead, the dry cleaner applies a gentle solvent to clean the clothes. Solvents like ​​Perchloroethylene get rid of the dirt and debris from the fabric effectively without causing water damage. Washing uses soap and water. 

Different types of machines are used in the processes

Laundry cleaning employs washing machines and driers. Once the clothes have been washed, the load spins for a while to remove excess water, after which they can be hung outside for drying or could be put inside a dryer. Dry cleaners, on the other hand, clean clothing items are left inside the machine so that solvents can be extracted before the garments are removed and dried. 

Both dry cleaning and laundry serve different purposes. There are some fabrics that only need laundry for proper cleaning, while certain items require only dry cleaning. Most clothing manufacturers mention the appropriate method of cleaning on the tag. If you require commercial dry cleaning services in Carmel, IN, connect with Universal Dry Cleaning now. Our dry cleaner company provides free pick-up and drop-off services in the city. 

Why Choose Universal Cleaners

Universal Cleaners has been around since 1999. For over two decades, we have been the go-to cleaners for the majority of Carmel residents. Within a year of opening, we began to take on commercial jobs as well.

Since that time, we have taken on all kinds of corporate clients, from cleaning the holiday costumes used at the Simon Malls to specializing in the cleaning of Race Team Uniforms. Some of our current Race Team Clients are Andretti Autosport, Arrow McLaren SP, Bryan Herta Motorsport, Rahal Letterman Lanigan, Wayne Taylor Racing, and the Indy Car Series Officials and Safety.

We have an excellent rapport with our clients, and we are committed to meeting all the expectations of our clients, from the premium dry cleaning services we offer to on-time delivery. We are 100% accountable for our services. 

We also provide spot and stain removal services, shirt laundry, wedding dress cleaning, expert alterations, wash and fold laundry, and carpet and area rug services, among other things. If you want to have your clothes cleaned by industry professionals who are equipped with high-end technology, get in touch with Universal Cleaners now. Call us for free pick-up in Carmel, Zionsville, and Indianapolis.