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Dry Cleaning

At Universal Cleaners in Carmel, Indiana, we love our customers! That is why we treat them like family and offer free pickup and delivery for all your dry-cleaned needs. We treat every piece of clothing as our own because we know how much you appreciate your special items.

Universal Cleaners has been committed to providing all (remove) our customers with dry cleaning services that exceed(s) your expectations every time. We offer full dry-cleaning services that are always ready on time and pay close attention to the fabric of your clothes through our dry-cleaning specialists. Items are carefully labeled and registered to ensure none is ever misplaced. Our cleaning processes use the most advanced techniques to get the best results on your everyday and designer garments. You will be surprised to discover that your garments last longer and look even better when you have them professionally cleaned at Universal Cleaners.

What happens to your clothes at Universal Cleaners?

When you drop off, or we pick up your items to be dry cleaned, we follow a carefully established process to both protect and correctly cleanse your garments. By opting to have your items dry cleaned, you are saving them from the harshness of the washing machine. We prefer to use technology that preserves the integrity of the textile fibers and the look of your most delicate garments.

By using a minimal amount of water, we avoid compromising the look and feel of your most delicate pieces, those that might be damaged when exposed to too much moisture. When you receive your items, you can be sure that they look crisp and pressed, always smelling fresher than you can imagine.

We study each garment type to follow the necessary procedure on each piece and achieve the greatest results. This starts with a first step which is customer communication. We collect information on any stains and whether you have already taken any actions while trying to remove them. We also find any information that will shed light on past experiences you have had when cleaning that item and listen to any considerations you expect us to have when cleaning this garment. This way you can be sure that your item will be returned to you as beautiful as it was when you first got it.

Advantages of Having Your Clothes Dry Cleaned at Universal Cleaners

  • Save Time and Money
    By not having to drive back and forth to bring and pick up your clothes, you save time and money. Plus, we always offer free pick-up and delivery to fit your schedule. Call us today to get started.
  • Your Garments Are Cleaned by Experts
    Every time you send a favorite garment to us, you can rest assured that it will be treated with the care you expect and be professionally cleaned by our team of experts. We will pay attention to your slightest request and clean your clothes with as much detail as possible.
  • We are Always Easy to Reach
    Whether you call us, stop by, or set up a pickup service online at Universal Cleaners, we are always easy to reach and close to you. And if you want to set up a subscription service, you will find that you never have to worry about your dry-cleaning needs again. We will know when you want your clothes picked up and stop by your home to get them at your convenience every time.
  • Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners
    We know it is everybody’s responsibility to keep our planet safe, and at Universal Cleaners in Carmel, Indiana, we do our part. By using eco-friendly products and recycling all containers and bags, we help keep our planet safe.