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Curtain Dry Cleaning

Cleaning curtains is a difficult process best left to drapery cleaning professionals. In Indianapolis, you can trust Universal Cleaners to be at your service for curtain cleaning.

Why Clean Your Curtains?

Woman dry cleaning curtains

Regardless of how clean you keep your home, curtains collect dust, allergens, smoke, soot, and debris. 

If you go without cleaning them for too long, contaminants can become ingrained into the fabric.

Protect Your Investment

Curtains are an expensive furnishment for your home. Keeping them clean will give them the ability to last, and your home will look and smell fresh.

How to Tell if Your Curtains Need Cleaning

Your curtains filter what is in the air. They can also gather dust and odors. If your curtains have a musty smell, it is time for dry cleaning.

How Often to Clean Your Curtains

It is a good idea to clean your curtains every 3 to 6 months. Many of the materials used for making draperies are too delicate to wash in your washer and dryer.

Why Have Your Curtains Cleaned Professionally?

Even machine-washable curtains contain substantial fabric. This can make cleaning them in your home difficult. Furthermore, you must iron them, so they do not become wrinkled.

Having them professionally cleaned provides better results, and saves you from a big hassle.

Additionally, other factors may cause you to consider letting our experts at Universal Cleaners handle your curtain cleaning.


Curtains are notorious for trapping common allergens in the fabric. Dust, mold spores, pollen, pet hair and dander can cause allergy symptoms if they are not removed.

Fireplace Soot

In Indianapolis, gathering around the fireplace in winter is a great way to keep warm with your family. 

However, soot from those warming fires can also ingrain into your curtains.


If you smoke inside your home, caring for your curtains is even more important. Smoke particles can become trapped in the fabric. 

In time, they can yellow or emit a strong smoke smell if they are not cleaned.


When spills happen, you may not realize coffee, tea, wine, soda, or other beverages have sprayed your draperies. 

Having them professionally cleaned ensures these unsightly spots are removed without damaging the fabric and keeps your home looking clean and fresh.

Curtain Materials That Require Dry Cleaning

Linen, silk, and other sensitive fabrics must be professionally dry cleaned. The agitation from a washer can destroy these materials. 

Rather than ruin your beautiful investment, protect them with expert curtain dry cleaning from Universal Cleaners.

Why Choose Universal Cleaners for Curtain Care?

Since 1999, we have been in the business of cleaning delicate clothing and household items with exceptional care in Indianapolis. 

We believe in doing things the right way with no excuses. When it comes to your curtains, give them to us and have them restored to like-new condition. Improve the look of your home with Universal Cleaners!