Is It Worth It to Dry Clean a Wedding Dress?

July 11, 2023
A Clean Wedding Dress

When it comes to questions about our dry cleaning services, wedding dress questions always abound. It’s only natural since you likely spent a long time finding the perfect dress for your special day. You may want to preserve it for precious memories or to keep it as an heirloom.

However, because it is such a sentimental piece, you should take special care with the cleaning and preservation of the wedding dress. Before you store your wedding dress, you should first take it to be cleaned by professional wedding gown specialists.

Can Wedding Dresses Be Cleaned?

Are you wondering if dry cleaning is a safe method for cleaning your beautiful wedding dress? You wouldn’t be the first bride worried about whether or not taking an expensive wedding gown made from delicate material to a dry cleaner is a smart move.

Rest assured, dry cleaning your wedding gown is one of the best ways to take care of your dress. Doing so will prevent it from being tarnished with permanent stains. It will also help your wedding dress retain its original shape.

However, what many brides don’t know is that even if a wedding gown doesn’t look dirty or stained after the reception, there may be invisible stains that won’t be apparent until later. These difficult stains and odors occur when the dirt, debris, liquids, and food particles begin to age. You may not see a splash of white wine when it first happens, but months later, it will leave ugly blotches on your beautiful wedding gown.

This is why every bride must take intricately designed gowns in for wedding dress cleaning following the wedding day.

Signs Your Wedding Dress Needs Professional Dress Cleaning and Preservation

If you spot these signs, take your wedding gown to a dry cleaner that specializes in wedding dress dry cleaning.

Brown Spots

Brown spots from oxidation get worse over time as delicate fabrics age. If you know that you got soda, alcohol, or another sugary drink on your wedding gown, do not delay sending it to get dry cleaned.

Mold and Mildew

Maybe you got lucky avoiding stains and put your wedding dress in your closet, thinking it was safe and sound. Mold and mildew can appear even after you’ve tried preservation methods for your dress. If you live in a damp environment, it is important you check on your dress. Keeping it in a preservation box is the best way to prevent this problem.

Yellowing Fabric

The chemical degradation of lightly colored fabrics is common over time. However, with the help of wedding gown specialists, you can get the yellow staining removed and have the dress preserved to prevent any further destruction.

You should always avoid storing clothing, especially gowns, in plastic materials. Plastic bags or boxes cause moisture and oxygen to ruin many fabrics. When you properly care for and preserve your gowns, you’ll enjoy their beauty for many years to come.

How Long Is Too Long to Wait to Dry Clean a Wedding Dress?

Ideally, wedding gowns should be cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding day. Properly cleaning your dress by a professional wedding dress dry cleaning company will give you peace of mind that it will be preserved for years to come.

When you take the dress to a dry cleaning company that specializes in cleaning wedding gowns, they will first check the label for cleaning instructions. This will let them know which solvents will be safe for your delicate materials.

Additionally, they will inspect the dress for stains. If there is a hidden stain within the folds, they will find and treat it. Accents are common on wedding dresses, and a professional wedding dress cleaner will know how to avoid damaging them.

Before you jet off on your honeymoon, ensure your dress is taken to the dry cleaners before any damage destroys your gown.

Is It Too Late to Dry Clean a Wedding Dress?

Thankfully, it’s never too late to have your wedding dress cleaned and start the preservation process. Even if it’s been years, you can help prevent further damage to your wedding gown.

It may not look like new after a long while, but it can be improved. Cleaning, preservation, and proper storage will ensure your wedding dress still looks just as beautiful years from now.  

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Your Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns are crafted from delicate fabrics and ornate accents. It takes a special touch to know how to clean and preserve a wedding dress, which is why taking it to a dry cleaner is the best thing you can do.

Experience in Wedding Dress Preservation

Dressmakers put in a lot of effort and time to make a wedding dress. You may think that you can handle handwashing your wedding gown, but only professional dry cleaners know how to tackle tough spots without damaging the fabric.

Save Time

As a newlywed, you have better things to do than spend hours trying to clean your wedding gown. Besides, if you don’t take the proper steps for wedding gown preservation, all your efforts will be in vain. You are better off preserving your wedding dress design by taking it in for dry cleaning.

Most dry cleaners have dry-cleaned and laundry pickup & delivery services that come right to your door. Universal Cleaners offers dry cleaning and laundry promotions that will minimize the cost and save you money.

Photo of a Dirty White Wedding Dress

Protect and Preserve Your Wedding Gown To Keep it in Pristine Condition

With a wedding dress dry cleaner, extreme care will be taken in protecting and preserving your wedding gown. In addition to cleaning your gown, they will fold it and store it in a preservation box to keep oxygen and moisture from getting to it.

A professional dry cleaner that offers bridal services knows which detergents are suitable for wedding attire. However, be sure that the only dry cleaning company you choose is one with experience cleaning wedding gowns. While there may be a number of dry cleaner businesses near you, check their website to be sure they offer services for cleaning gowns.

It’s also a good idea to make sure they have positive customer reviews, especially regarding cleaning wedding dresses. When you see they have an excellent record for the preservation of wedding gowns, they will be the right choice.

After all, your wedding gown will forever serve as one of the most important mementos of your special day. Whether you pass it along for family to wear in the future or keep it in storage, it should always stay looking as beautiful as the day you said, “I do.”

Best Wedding Dress Cleaning in Indianapolis

Truly, the only option you have for keeping your wedding dress in the picture-perfect condition the way it looked on your big day is to get it dry-cleaned. Wedding gowns are expensive and sentimental, and if your dress is tarnished over time, you can’t simply replace it.

To keep your dress well-preserved, you must take it to a dry cleaner that can provide a preservation service that prevents it from deteriorating through the years. Experts in this field will always know the proper methods for protecting your wedding gown.

Additionally, you can ask about our wash and fold laundry services, in Carmel, IN, plus our spot and stain removal service in Carmel, IN, which will help you keep your wedding dress immaculate. Universal Cleaners can help you work smarter rather than harder with all your dry cleaning and laundry needs.

Call or visit Universal Cleaners at our dry cleaning and laundry service location – Carmel, Indiana to find out more about how the bridal services can help you clean and keep your wedding gown in pristine condition.