How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take?

December 11, 2023
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Dry cleaning has become a routine task for many, essential in preserving the durability and appearance of clothes. Have you ever wondered how long dry cleaning takes? In this short guide, we will break down the process and dig into various factors that play a role in how quickly you can expect your clothes to be ready.

Understanding the Dry Cleaning Process

The process involves more than a spin in dry cleaning machines. These are the key steps involved:


Each item undergoes a thorough inspection. This step helps identify stains, missing buttons, or any special care requirements.

Tagging and Pre-treatment

Your garments are then kept in protective bags with a paper tag to avoid mix-ups. Pre-treatment involves using a chemical solvent for stain removal and spot treatment. During the solvent stage the dirt and stains are gently agitated for better cleaning.

Machine Cleaning

The dry cleaning machine is at the heart of the cleaning phase. Unlike traditional washing machines, these are useful in stain treatment and removing all the dirt by using a solvent (perchloroethylene) instead of water. A reputable cleaner’s shop will have advanced machines to ensure the garments are cleaned without creating holes.

Post-Cleaning Inspection

After the cleaning cycle, another inspection is conducted by the professional dry cleaner for damage review. They ensure stains have been properly addressed in the dry cleaned clothes.

Pressing and Finishing

Your clean garments will then be pressed to restore their original shape and crispness. Many dry cleaners apply final touches during this stage.


The final step of the cleaning work involves careful packaging to protect the cleaned garments during transit and storage. Items are often hung or neatly folded, ready for pickup or delivery at the dry cleaner’s shop.

Factors Affecting Dry Cleaning Time

Dry cleaning time estimates vary depending on the following factors:

Standard Dry Cleaning Turnaround Times

Expected waiting time for dry cleaning different garments after drop off are:

Same-Day Service and Express Cleaning

If you need your favorite outfit cleaned and ready to go, you can use same day service or express cleaning services. These expedited services not only offer speed but also provide added convenience and flexibility to accommodate your hectic lifestyle. This service prioritizes your items, streamlining the dry clean process. Whether you have a business meeting, special event, travel plans, or are on a tight deadline, express cleaning ensures your clothes are ready when you need them. 

Special Items and Considerations

Dry cleaners employ specialized techniques to clean certain garments without compromising their aesthetic appeal. You can get a better idea about general guidelines regarding dry cleaning times by speaking with the staff. Here are a few types of garments that require dry cleaning to be performed by a professional:

Why Choose Universal Cleaners for Timely Service

Universal Cleaners stands out as your go-to local dry cleaner when it comes to efficient and prompt dry cleaning.

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We understand that dry cleaning work is a tiring chore in your life. Our commitment to providing timely service means you can rely on us to deliver your freshly cleaned garments promptly.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our modern and larger facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our advanced machinery, well-maintained equipment, and environmentally friendly solvents contribute to quicker turnaround times without compromising on quality.

Experienced and Skilled Staff

Our trained dry cleaning professionals are dedicated to ensuring that each garment receives the attention it requires. With a keen eye for detail and years of experience, we efficiently handle the cleaning process to meet your timelines.

Convenient Same-Day Service

For those moments when time is of the essence, our same-day service option provides a quick and reliable solution. Choose Universal Cleaners not just for clean clothes, but also for a seamless, timely, and professional dry cleaning experience that suits your lifestyle and schedule.

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Planning Ahead for Dry Cleaning

Efficiency in dry cleaning goes hand in hand with thoughtful planning. It makes sense to plan ahead if you are in a hurry. This guide can help you make the most of your dry cleaning experience and reduce waiting time:

Trust Universal Cleaners for Dependable and Personalized Care

The trained professionals at Universal Cleaners are focused on providing a superior dry cleaning experience through high quality performance and timely service along with the assurance that your clothes will always be in the best hands. Reach out to us today to enjoy a new level of convenience in dry cleaning. For free pickup and delivery call us at (317) 983-5962 or fill out this online contact form.