Four Tough Clothing Stains Types Dry Cleaning Can Remove

July 11, 2023
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When dealing with stains, you can run into some stubborn ones that make your cleaning task that much more difficult. Knowing what to do in the event you are faced with one of the types of stains can be the difference between getting back a semi-clean-looking article of clothing and one that looks brand new. In this article, we will go over the four tough clothing stain types that our dry cleaning service removes while regular washing may not be able to.

What Gets The Toughest Stains Out of Clothes?

To remove tough stains from your garments, you can use a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and water to treat the stain. You should apply a healthy amount of this solution and gently rub it into the fabric to loosen up any tougher stains from the material. Once you have finished this process, you want to use detergent and water to treat the stain further. Keep the clothing out of the dryer until most stains are gone.

What Are The Toughest Stains To Get Out of Clothes?

Getting stains out of your clothes can be a daunting task. Whether the stain is a fresh one or has been there for quite some time, it can be tricky to handle. Luckily our Dry cleaning services in Indianapolis, Indiana, can be of service to you. When a regular wash with liquid laundry detergent will not do the trick because the stains are not your typical mud blemishes, you must take a deeper cleaning approach to remove the pesky stains, including the use of a prewash stain remover. What if your stains are not as simple as adding detergent to your washer to clean them? Here are some of the hardest stains to lift from fabrics.

Blood Stains

We all have gotten a cut bad enough to make us bleed before. You may have noticed how difficult blood is to remove from your garments. You can expect to deal with a stain caused by blood at some point in your life, and it can lead to all sorts of headaches for you. Just like the other stains you may encounter, blood can be lifted from fabrics with the right tools.

To clean blood from your clothing, use cold water on the stain until it is mostly gone. Next, you want to use a stain remover or baking soda to remove remnants of the stain. Enzymes are especially effective in breaking down and eliminating these types of stains.

Permanent Marker

Just because they are called permanent markers does not mean they cannot adequately be removed! These stains can be removed by using the aid of the correct combination of cleaning agents. First, cleaning it by using an ink solvent will help a lot in breaking down the stain. But to entirely get rid of annoying ink stains on your clothing, you need to brush over the spot with a stiff brush that has strong bristles. Continue the process until any traces of ink are gone. Next, wash off the garment with clean, warm water to complete the process.


Feces is one of the last things you want to deal with regarding your garments. Even the tiniest hint of fecal again can mean the fabric is ruined if not properly taken care of. Acting fast With such a stain will increase the odds of effectively removing it. 

The longer you wait to act on the stain, the harder it will be to get it out. It will also leave an odor while sitting around waiting to be cleaned. To get the best results from removing fecal matter, contact our Laundry Services in Carmel, Indiana.

Hot chocolate

Everyone loves a cup of hot chocolate on a brisk winter night, but you might be surprised to learn that hot chocolate stains are one of the toughest stains to remove from your garments. Since chocolate is known for making some pretty hard-to-get-out stains, it only makes sense for hot chocolate to be just as tricky. The combination of fats, sugar, and proteins makes removing these stains difficult. 

If you add milk to hot chocolate, it becomes even tougher to treat. However, this is not a lost cause when discussing removing hot chocolate stains! Our Spot and stain removal services will lift your chocolate stains away by breaking up the sugar and fats in the fabric. 

Tomato Sauce

If you have ever dropped spaghetti sauce on your clothes, you will understand the difficulty in treating this tomato-based treat. While it is a delicious meal, tomato meat sauce is among the most challenging stains to remove due to the mixture of grease and oil in the sauce. 

Luckily for you, cleaning tomato sauce stains is challenging but not impossible. It would be best to soak the stained fabric in cool water. You will want to add a tablespoon of white vinegar to help break down the stain. Spot treatment solutions are also a great alternative. They are effective at breaking down a tomato sauce stain. After you cold soak the stain and apply a pretreatment to it, wash the garments in hot water, using your best laundry detergent to finish the removal of the stains.

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Red Wine

You cannot leave out red wine when discussing tough stains. While wine is one of the more frustrating stains to remove, you should not panic. Natural cleaning ingredients such as salt can go a long way in getting this stain lifted from your favorite dress shirt. Knowing the proper means of washing them is also a necessary part of this process.

Starting with the recommended salt is important because it begins absorbing the color of the wine stain. This turns the red wine stain into a pink shade which is considerably lighter. Once the salt has absorbed most of the stain, place it in a cool l soak and add some detergent with enzymes to allow for an overnight soak of the garment. If this does not remove the stain, then you will have to resort to a heavy-duty cleaning detergent in an attempt to remedy the stain.

Grass or Grease Stains

Grass stains are one of the most difficult to remove. Removal of a grass stain requires proper cleaning techniques and products to achieve. Kids usually fall victim to grass stains along with athletes. To remove a grass stain, a stain treatment must be directly applied to the stain, and the fabric should be hand washed thoroughly. A diluted mixture of white vinegar can also work well to rid your clothing of any stains. 

Can Dry Cleaning Get Rid of Yellow Stains?

It is often thought that the only way to remove armpit stains from clothing is by either hand washing or machine washing them. What you may not know is that you can use dry cleaning to remove these pesky stains, also. While the garment isn’t being washed with detergent in water, chemical solvents are used in dry cleaning, which is excellent at lifting any tricky armpit stains right out of the fabric. Dry cleaning is also a great way to eliminate any odors that may have been lingering.

Dry cleaning agents are great at breaking down any oils or residues on your clothes that initially caused the armpit stains to show up on your shirts. For the extra challenge of getting out sweat stains, you can pre-treat them and send them through the dry cleaner. This is an additional line of defense to ensure you have the cleanest outcome possible for your clothes.

You can run this pretreatment into the stain using a cleaning solution that consists of an equal amount of water and white vinegar. Take a new toothbrush and work the solution into the stain. Gently scrub deep into the stain to help break up the tough-to-get-up sections. Set the clothing down and leave the stain to soak for a little while. Now take and dry the article of clothing so that the stain dries. Once fully dry,  you can bring the item to the dry cleaner, where they will professionally wash your garment.

What Are The 3 Kinds of Stains?

Stains that cannot be cleaned up with a paper towel are classified into three different categories. These classifications are acidic, essential, and neutral stains. These are based on the ph level of the stains. These stains are categorized by how they are treated. Each one reacts differently to different cleaning agents. Hence, determining your stain classification is vital when choosing what cleaning agents to use to get the best results for your garments.

What Are The Classifications of Stains in Clothes?

A stain is a chemical dye used to put color into certain materials. There are mainly four different types of stains you may encounter. Here are those four types of stains:

Differential stains- Chemicals that combine with other structures differently. 

Simple stain- The dye or stain is not specific to the part of the specimen but instead all of the specimen.

Negative stains- The type of stain does not stain the specimen but the background alone.

Special stain- when the dye can stain specific minuscule subcellular structures. 

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How Do You Get Tough Stains Out of Clothes That Have Been Dried?

Getting tough stains out after they dry may be challenging but not impossible. Using the hottest water available, along with some Clorox bleach and a good detergent on a heavy-duty washing cycle, can be needed. If cold water is advised, you may want to switch it to warm or hot water for your clothes. This also works great in removing stains that have been sitting in the fabric for some time.

Does Dry Cleaning Remove Stains Better Than Washing Machines?

Yes, dry cleaning not only removes stains better than a typical washing machine, but it also removes tough stains that your standard washing machine cannot lift out of fabrics.

Can dry cleaners remove any stains?

Dry cleaning removes stains more from clothes than a washing machine. However, not all stains can be removed. Unfortunately, not even the best stain-cleaning methods can remove these permanent stains.

A good dry cleaner can get almost any stain cleaned with their cleaning process, but not every stain is treatable, and a lot of it has to do with how the garments were cared for when the stain was first acquired. The sooner you bring your stained clothes in, the better your odds of receiving them back in pristine condition. 

Spills sit on the fabric’s surface as they first occur, but after a while, that spill can distort the fabric and cause a color change in the material. I’m these scenarios, even after a stain is removed, the fabric in the area where the stain sat may now be permanently discolored. 

The best way to ensure a successful stain removal is to handle the stain right away and inform your cleaner of whatever the stain is made of. To learn more about stain removal, contact us at Universal Cleaners. You can stop by, and a trained expert will assist you if you have any questions or need guidance.

Reasons To Visit  Dry Cleaners For Stained Clothing

Dry cleaning is an effective stain removal method. When all else fails, you can count on this way of cleaning to bring back the vibrancy of your clothing. .. sometimes you need to go with a professional to get the job done. Here are a few reasons to visit our dry cleaners today.

We offer free pick-up and delivery services

If you are like most individuals, you do not have time to be running around doing laundry yourself when there are hundreds of more important things you could be doing. Our Dry cleaning free pickup and delivery services will take the hassle out of doing laundry and allow you to focus on whatever life throws at you. 

Our Promotional services

Along with some of the best practices in the area, we offer some tremendous Dry cleaning and laundry services Promotions. You never have to wonder if you are paying too much for your laundry to be taken care of. We will do everything we can to assure you are delighted not only with the quality of service that you receive but also with the amount you end up spending to have your laundry taken care of.

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Quick turnarounds 

We take care of your clothing promptly. Most orders will be completed within two business days if done during the week. Weekends will likely take a little longer as everyone that works Monday through Friday chooses to bring their laundry in over the weekend. No matter when you decide to bring your garments in, know that we are here to clean them and have them returned to you promptly.

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