Common Laundry Problems

July 11, 2023
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How Carmel Cleaning Services Can Solve Them 

Do you have issues with your washing machine? Maybe it is not getting clean when you wash it, or do your clothes come out of your dryer just as wet as they went in? Perhaps it is time for a new washer and dryer, or better yet, to look into how practical Carmel cleaning services are. Here are some of the most common laundry mistakes you may run into and how Carmel Indiana cleaning services at Universal Cleaners can solve them.

Overstuffing Your Washer And Dryer 

It is never advised to overstuff your washer and dryer. You may not only ruin that specific load of laundry as over-stuffing a washer and dryer can prevent not only the proper cleaning of your garments but improper drying because of too many clothes as well. 

Besides the inability to get your clothes clean properly, overturning a washer and dryer can lead to parts overworking themselves and needing to be replaced. Having maintenance performed on your washing machine or dryer is not cheap. The price quickly increased depending on the work required to fix the issues.

Using Too Much Liquid Laundry Detergent

Using excessive amounts of detergent can be worse than not using enough detergent. Too much detergent in your wash cycle will aid in trapping dirt instead of washing it away as intended. Over time a thin layer of residue builds up on the fabric, leaving dirty clothes full of grease stains. This build-up is what helps trap not only dirt but hard water minerals as well that will accumulate, giving your clothes a dirty and faded appearance. You might also wind up with detergent residue that requires stain removal that even oxygen bleach won’t be able to fix. 

Choosing The Wrong Wash Water Temperature for Your Laundry Cycle

Using a temperature that is not meant to be used for your clothes in your laundry process can come with severe consequences. Washing with temperatures, the garments were not meant to be cleaned with hot water, or cold water can cause them to shrink or be stretched. They can also lead to your clothes fading faster or weakening the overall quality of the fabrics they are made out of.

Can I Pay People To Do My Laundry?

Yes, you can take your laundry to our Dry cleaning services in Indianapolis, Indiana, where we will provide exceptional cleaning services. It would be best not to worry about anything but how good your clothes will look. Leave the troubles of keeping your clothes fresh to the professionals at Universal Cleaners.

What Are 3 Reasons Why Laundry Should be Sorted Properly?

1- For effectively removing stains
2- To preserve the color of the clothing
3- To protect any delicate fabrics

For effective stain remover

Tough stains need to be treated before getting washed. Make sure to soak them in warm water mixed with white vinegar. Once treated within the vinegar mixture, put detergent directly on the stain and let the normal washing process continue.

To preserve the color of the clothing

Whether you are washing your whites or colors, you want to keep the quality of each intact. Your new clothing may bleed color in the washer, so be careful if you wash them with other garments. It would be best if you tried to separate your lights from your darks and your whites when washing your new clothes.

To protect any delicate fabrics 

You want to keep your clothing separated based on what fabric it is made of. You want to separate your delicates from towels and pieces of denim so the fabrics stay new. Towels should be separated from the rest of the laundry because they will leave lint all over most things it comes in contact with.

Having a professional take care of your laundry will guarantee it is done right and all your articles of clothing are taken care of properly. 

What Are the Best Laundry Rules?

Regarding good laundry practices, a few rules are great to follow. These rules are guidelines to keep in mind while you are washing your linens and other garments. 

Wash and dry bulkier items apart from lighter garments
Use a fabric softener for your laundry
Wash your clothes inside out
Keep zippers up and buttons undone

Laundry Services Across IN

Here at Universal Cleaners, we offer more than just spot and stain removal services. We have a variety of cleaning services for you to take advantage of. Whether you are simply looking to have some dry cleaning done or need expert alterations for your suit, we have you covered. We offer Eco-friendly cleaning to accompany our high-quality wash and fold laundry service.

We can make restorations that will leave your garments looking and feeling new again. We can also take care of those household items you want to touch up. Feel free to take advantage of our 24-hour drop box that is there for you to decide when it is convenient for you to bring in your valuable items. 

Don’t feel like bringing your garments to us? No worries, with our dry cleaning free pickup and delivery services, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to have a professionally clean wardrobe. Do not waste your time air drying. We will come to you at a time and date that is most convenient for your busy schedule. No matter what life deals you, know that Universal Cleaners can keep your focus on what matters the most in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked about our washing cycle services:

How long is your turnaround time?

We have a two-day turnaround time during the week. Any laundry dropped off Friday will be ready for pick up on Monday. If you bring us the laundry on Saturday, we will have it ready for you on Tuesday.

Where are the items cleaned?

We take care of cleaning your items. We tend each article of clothing on-site in our state-of-the-art dry cleaning and washing machines. This helps us get your clothes looking fresh sooner.

Do you take coupons?

Yes, we take coupons. We take competitor’s coupons also, up to 15% off on orders other than same-day orders. That means more savings for you when you decide to have your cleaning services provided to you by the best.

Why Us

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If you are looking for some excellent dry cleaning and laundry services Promotions, then look no further. We go the extra step to ensure you get a great experience every time. We strive to be the best and want you to feel the same about the service you get from Universal Cleaners. The quality of service you receive is as stellar as the savings you will receive in the process.

Universal Cleaners Uses a Green Solvent!

At Universal Cleaners, we use the best solvent out there. DF-2000 has been highly regarded throughout the professional dry cleaning industry. Many professional dry cleaners that need alternative solvents consider it the top choice. The popular solvent can be used within your cleaning routine as a highly efficient solvent for dry cleaning.

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